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The Happiness Index Partnership was a network of organizations that committed to conducting periodic wellbeing surveys in Greater Victoria.

These partners decided to get involved in creating a happiness index because they recognized it is an important, first step in improving the wellbeing of the people in our region, and consisted of the following members:

A happiness index for the region provides guidance to local organizations interested in improving the level of wellbeing people experience in Greater Victoria. The 2008/09 study conducted by the partnership was the first of its kind in Canada. It joined a growing trend around the world to view wellbeing as a critical component for successful, vibrant communities where the aspirations of individuals are valued, their needs addressed and their engagement in community affairs encouraged and facilitated.

A second happiness index survey was conducted in 2010/11.

How can you contribute to wellbeing in our community?

  • Consider ways to help make ourselves/others happier, at home and around the world
  • Organize a group activity to foster happiness among participants – neighbours, co-workers or a group in your community
  • Get involved in a community social service agency
  • Use happiness indicators as a framework for decision-making and policy development
  • Refer to the Happiness Booklet, which was created to stimulate discussion and questions about happiness.
  • Contact for more information.